ZAK new cashback partner program

So I received another new program information from Zak: cashback through shopmate

you need an account on shopmate and then they credit cashback directly to your zak account. Some seems promising or at least not so crappy like 5% cashback on

Anybody tried it? For the moment I simply created an account on shopmate. The video makes it seems easy, but it’s only like that in videos:

Anyhow if I can get 5% on, why not?

Why not use Shopmate directly? Zak’s FAQ “Wieso soll ich über Zak auf shopmate zugreifen?” isn’t that convincing. Actually “cashback” seems higher with Shopmate (7% + 15% Discount).

In addition I don’t quite get the business model of Shopmate and what part the consumer plays in it. It doesn’t appear to be “cashback” but promotion.

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I didn’t know you could use shopmate directly, but actually it does seems like a huge difference if you do it with Zak. With Zak you get hard cash on your account, although less than the % you get with shopmate, but that you can only use as “rabatte” to buy in other shop partner promoted there.

Wenn du über den Zak Store auf shopmate zugreifst, erhältst du das Cashback direkt auf dein Zak-Konto gutgeschrieben. In der Einführungsphase bietet shopmate exklusive Cashback-Angebote auf ausgewählte Partnershops für Zak-Kunden an.

Yes, you can register apparently. Also, according to their FAQs you can get your cashback to your bank account starting with 2 EUR.

So 7% alone beat 5%.

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