Zak expenses into YNAB

Hello! I have decided to take the plunge and start doing proper budgeting. How do you get your expenses from ZAK into YNAB. Seems because it is a mobile only version this is not possible. In that case maybe it’s better to track expenses on a spreadsheet and not use YNAB? Would love to hear your thoughts on how you manage your budgets across different platforms.

Hi @svichy!

I’m also using YNAB and quite love it!
about your question, are you talking about all you past transaction in zak?
or do you mean, anytime when you pay with zak?

If it’s the former, I don’t know, but for the later, I usually use YNAB on my phone to enter manually my spending.

Look for the beancount thread in this forum. Iirc there was an importer for zak somewhere. I would however rate beancount as only suitable for IT people tho.

It’s here

But be aware that this is parsing the pdf which is super crappy.

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