Zak deals - nice addition

Hi all
It has been 4 months since my switch to Zak mobile of Bank coop to manage day2day finance. The app works fairly well, some quirks sometimes like the drag and drop between tiles that is not as fluid as I like, but mostly a very positive experience.
Since a couple of months they introduce Zak deals. Every incoming money (salary etc) can be used in the next 24 hours to buy coupons from partner site. The best deal I see is buying a 14 chf galaxus coupon for 10 chf. This coupons can be used together up until 2 years after the purchase in Zak.
I have started doing this regularly (well twice right now) and plan to buy some necessities from galaxus (with a couple of baby /young kids you always find something you need like diapers etc)
Other partner offer way less discount on their coupons. There are zalando iTunes mediamarkt etc but all around 1-4%.
Just a small tip to save some money. I went from possibly paying 5 chf per month to postfinance to actually ‚Äėgenerating‚Äô 4 galaxus-chf per month


How long does it take to receive the vouchers? I purchased one for zalando 8 days ago, but I did not receive any email or I do not see any info on how to I get it. I tried to ask Zak or their partner (OptioPay), but I am getting no response from any of them…

Have you checked your spam folder?
Your promotions folder? Search for Zak deals.
If you don’t find it, then look at the Zak transaction. There is a weird alphanumeric code. Take the first 8 characters and write to putting in the subject the 8 characters.

Usually it takes an hour max to get the voucher

Thanks for the response! They came back to me and said the transaction failed and thats why I did not get the voucher. Strange is in Zak the transaction was OK, but in OptioPay it failed :). But, they are sending the money back, so I can try again.

I really like the Zak deals, now that they do work for me as well :smile: . I do have as well another account (I really want ebills :slight_smile: before switching fully to Zak) and I am doing a recurrent payment to zak every week, so I can buy 4 x vouchers for galaxus per month, so I could buy from galaxus for 56 CHF and pay 40 CHF :slight_smile: per month. If I could use multiple codes for same purchase…I still need to check that.

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Yes you can use multiple codes already did that.
Be aware that galaxus deals are not always offered, but yes you can rack up some money and galaxus has such a big inventory of first necessities (for instance for children care) that the coupon really come in handy

You might check Twint (Postfinance only maybe?). There are also nice deals there.
The last one I’ve seen is a 10chf gift after you do a purchase of at least 10chf three times.

Expires tomorrow.

Postfinance also had a deal with their fund savings plan recently: For 6 months, buy 100 francs worth of one of their shitty funds, then you get 100 francs back. You could do that for up to 3 funds. Unless the market goes down more than 16%, one should make a profit, provided you sell the funds right after. Which is what I will do.