Youtube Channels Recommendations

Ben Felix - my favourite Youtube Channel! Answers all the important questions regarding investing. When I saw the title I also wanted to post it.

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Are there others that you follow?

Real Vision but that’s only entertainement. Personally I think Ben Felix Youtube Channel is by far the best. and you? any recommendations?

Ping @Julianek, @Bojack. This should be in another thread.

I have a really great YouTube channel recommendation for anybody who speaks Polish. Check out the Podcast “Wolnosc w Remoncie” presented by Tomasz Wroblewski on the Warsaw Enterprise Institute YouTube channel. The guy presents really interesting weekly short podcast about the economy, quoting famous books by Smith, Hayek, von Mises etc. A real eye opener and antidote against socialism!


haah. the ping was for moving the posts, not adding noise :slight_smile:

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Yes, I love it. One of my favourites polish podcasts.

PS. Yes, the ping was for splitting the threads. :wink:

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Sorry, I’m just lurking in during work and it’s a crazy day :wink:


I find Erwin Heri (and others) explain various interesting topics related to investing very well (in German) on this channel.

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German speaking channel about investing:

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Another good german channel from an ex-fondmanager:

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Some of the ones I’m subscribed to:

Surprised no one has mentioned Valuetainment

@1000000CHF & other Polish speakers: do you know the YouTube channel He’s interviewing interesting people. I especially recommend interviews with Slawomir Mentzen, an economist, tax advisor & politician. He has incredible knowledge. He barely missed a seat in the parliament in recent elections (Konfederacja party), despite getting over 6% of votes in his district.

Example: on demography & pension system:

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Yes, I know him and I know the channel. I hate the ultranationalistic, rasist, anti-migrant, populistic, sexist, bigot rhetoric of this party and it’s leader with his jerk conservatism, but Kulesza and Mentzen are intelligent and idealistic liberal guys. Wipler used to be like that as well when he was young, then he become populistic jerk like the others.

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