Your Health Insurance in 2024

Anyone is planning to pass to Sympany or has some feedback about them? I’ve read some posts about it but nothing general about them.

Does somebody have any experience regarding that?
I asked exactly about this Sanitas helpdesk last week in the Compact One model and was assured I’m free to suggest any specialist to the contact doctor, and the suggestion will be respected. They claim not to have any specialist doctors list with whom they work. I don’t have this assurance written, though, and the model’s webpage is not specific about that…

I got the same feeling from them and discussion in another forum reaffirms my conclusion that it is nothing I should worry about

Did you go for AGRIsmart /Agrisano by any chance?

They’re by far the cheapest for me for some reason (i.e. ~20% cheaper than my current Helsana TelMed plan, and ~10% cheaper than the next option which is from KPT), which for a family of 4 is quite significant per year.

I’m somewhat concerned that:

  • I’ve never heard of them
  • Lack of English
  • Their focus on “agro” & farmers
  • I need to submit separate applications on behalf of each of the family members?

On the other head - they should offer the same services as other providers do, right? So the above shouldn’t really matter?

I actually haven’t decided yet or better said have time to look in more details into it… Your concerns are quite different then mine. For me my most biggest concerns is that I have to use an app which probably tracks everything and uses AI on top of that. Then my other concern is that it is not clear at all if I have to pay anything if I used the app and have such an online consultation.

Regarding the lack of English you might just want to try to call them and see yourself if they can cope with English from the administrative side, then for the Doctors, usually Doctors can speak English as they deal with a lot of different patients.

Finally as you say, yes each company should provide the same services as defined by law.

Thanks for the details. In the end I found the Agrisano form for kids confusing / broken (showing the franchise as if for adults being 300…2500 rather than the usual 0…600 for kids), and after a bit of additional research - I came to the same conclusion as in this blog post and went for different companies (that address all of my concerns) for kids (who have their “family doctor”) and for the adults (who do not). Hopefully it will work out in the end and won’t add too much administrative overhead with savings (>2.5k per year in total!) being worth it.

Maybe better so… I will probably also avoid this Agrisano/Agrismart as I really dislike the app thingy. The next cheapest healthcare model in my case would be the HMO model but I wonder if one has to use the HMO from the canton you live in or if you can chose an HMO of another canton, for example the one you work. It is not clearly stated anywhere.

Hey everyone,

For my commune in ZH canton the cheapest insurance is by Concordia. I had a meeting with them this week and I am leaning towards getting the Smart Doc model (which is only slightly more expensive than the HMO one). However checking the “reports” from frc it seems that their offer is quite restrictive in many things (which doesn’t really match with what I was told by the seller during my appointment). For about the same price there’s also KPT offer but considering their website is not in English that already makes me hesitant.

I’m not really sure if I have a question, I guess I’m just looking for a second opinion, or if anyone here more experienced in this issue would like to have a look and provide some feedback I would be very thankful.

Strange, for me is still the cheapest option. I could save ~200 chf/year for the whole family by switching to Atupri for the adults and to some never-heard before company for the kids. I think I’ll bite the bullet.

Yes, I am planning to move to them:

  • based on my partner’s experience they are very thorough and quick to respond / reimburse. She’s generally happy with the whole customer support and responsiveness;

  • they are one of the cheapest for 2024 (cheapest if you take into account annual payment discount).

Friendly reminder that you have only a couple of days left if you want to cancel your current policy. Your cancellation letter must reach your insurer by November 30th at the latest.

Note for kpt clients: you can cancel by sending them a message through their online portal (no need to attach the letter, just plain message). They accepted my cancellation handed in that way.


Anyone already tried or is considering Steffisburg for base health insurance with their Casa (Hausartz) model? It is limited to a few cantons (ZH, AG, SO, BE, …) but quite cheap…