Yallo Swype, all unlimited for 25.- a month and unlimited roaming for 3.- a day?

I came across Yallo Swype. It looks like it’s 19.95/month all unlimited (calls, SMS, MMS, internet in CH), and you can add roaming packs for everything unlimited while abroad for 3.- per day.

Is anyone using it? My Swisscom promo expires in a few months and it will go from 50 a month to 120 a month… Needless to say I’m looking to switch!

Where did you see this offer ? I’m also looking for a phone plan…

I posted the link. But it’s an old offer, it’s 25.- per month currently. Still decent I think, especially with the 3.- per day roaming if you only do daytrips.

There are other options too like https://www.yallo.ch/en/product/yallo_swiss_plus?promotions=yalloptksswissplus411200without and https://www.alao.ch/fr/order/?id=5041&type=MOBILE_ABO_OFFER

I pay actually 25.- for Salt but the network is terrible… don’t know about the Sunrise one, i’ve never used it.

Sorry to hear. I had Salt in the past and except for their ridiculous roaming packages they had pretty good service for me in CH. I was through das-abo.ch which the post office sells but it’s Salt.

In case you want to consider Yallo:

There is an offer for 27.-/Month, Swiss unlimited, 1GB of roaming per month abroad… US included… i think that would be even a better offer than yallo swype?

If your interested I could send you a code so that you i and you get 1 month for free :slight_smile:

I’m with yallo as well and convinced my girlfriend to take this exact plan but they refused the code on the phone, stating it was an outdated promotion. But maybe we had bad luck with the operator.

Hmm strange, usually Yallo is very open… i previously had the swiss flat plan for 25.-/Month and just wrote them via chat that i friend of mine was able to get it for 20.-/month and i am able to get the same promotion… and they did offered me that… :slight_smile: just ask via chat!

You were able to downgrade your plan without fees? It says here: https://www.yallo.ch/assets/other/charges_and_fees_en.pdf that it’s 25.- to make any changes to your plan… And I can’t get a straight answer from them before I sign up.

Do you guys know how good is the yallo network ?

You get the sunrise network in Switzerland, which I find very good for my usage (you can search connect test or such for sunrise).

…unless you don‘t.

I‘ve experienced good coverage with Sunrise. I‘ve read reports online about the deprioritising ir throttling internet access budget cards (such as Yallo) though, when their network or tower is under higher load. A friend of mine got a card as well. He is often commuting on the train in rush hour and that was his personal impression as well.

It might still be good value for money - I wouldn’t necessarily expect full Sunrise network quality thought.

I really dislike Yallo… Tried to signup with them a few times and it always feels like haggling carpets. They’re also very pushy… Doesn’t pass my smell test.

Seems to be permanently down to 20 CHF/month with unlimited data

By the way, both me and my gf have Salt. I have iPhone XS. She had 6s for years and recently switched to 12 with the new Qualcomm 5G modem. Since then her reception is much worse than mine. E.g. I still have 2 bars & 4G, and she has no reception! So it doesn’t have to be Salt’s fault. I’m pretty pissed about this new iPhone’s performance. I have to share my internet through a hotspot with my gf at times…

That’s not too bad, and it looks like you can turn it on and off daily if you need. So only pay for days you’re actually using the plan (useful these days when most days are spent 100% at home on wifi)

I ended up going with Aldi mobile, they have decent plans, give 50.- if porting number in, excellent customer service (use the abroad number not the 0900), and unused national data is carried over. I have free calls to neighboring countries but only data roaming so I bought Groundwire for 10.- and use that with voip.ms for dirt cheap international and roaming calls.

It’s on the sunrise network and I haven’t had any issues. Speed test shows 50/100mbits routinely.

The aldi plan is nice, but 10chf/m for 1gb roaming data is not a bit too much ? ( I compared their smart plans). The GB given per months are basically the same if you just “save” some GB the first months…
At least it would be for me.

This. I had iPhone X and after switching to iPhone 12 I observed the reception to be much worse (in my village for example). I don’t remember exactly how good the signal was before, because I had no problems, but with iPhone 12 there is sometimes no signal at all…

PS. I have Yallo.

The 25.- and 29.- plans include some roaming. What I do personally is stay on the 15.- plan most of the time except when I know I’ll be traveling. Then I switch to the more expensive plans unless I’ve done my research and know I can buy a cheap local sim instead. With the local sim, I have local data and usually domestic calls. Paired with a VoIP app and a VoIP account, I can still make all the calls I need.

Domestic internet never runs out because it keeps rolling over from previous months.

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