XRP holders... SOLO airdrop snapshot tomorrow

Hi XRP holders

Tomorrow at 21.00 (8pm UTC), it’s time for the snapshot of the XRP holdings for the SOLO airdrop which will be distributed the 20th of January 2022. Some exchanges support it (like Binance). Who has the XRP on the ledger hardware wallet. You can follow those links below to use xrptoolkit to assure you get the SOLO. As far I understood there should be at least 0.2 SOLO per XRP (but it depends on how many participate). At a price of 3.85usd for 1 SOLO it’s quite good money for free.



Did you actually receive the airdrop on 20.01.2022? I have checked today on xrptoolkit, and so far I don’t see any SOLO coins.

Not yet… it should take several days (I read on twitter somewhere).

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I have never received any airdrop, there was some Snapshot back in 2020 for something as well…

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That reminds me of the initial airdrop of Ripple in 2013. They would give 1000 xrp to anyone asking. I regret being honest and asking only once. :grin:

In December 2020, there was a XRP snapshot for Flare airdrop. Back then I had some ripple with Swissquote. Songbird (some kind of canary Flare) have been airdropped, but still not with Swissquote. Flare still pending…

ps. I’m just keeping the swissquote account open to get the SGB and Flare…

I got something now… far less as I was expecting… but ok it’s for free.

Also received it now. Current price of SOLO is 0.51$, so a lot down from the 3.85$ from the original price on 24.12.2021

Just quoting some people from CMC here:

the airdrop was a giant waste of time. People with a LOT of XRP got virtually nothing.

worst air drop in history people actually lost not gained lol.

Worst airdrop I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not against you. Considering how much time I spent to get the connection on xrptoolkit running, it definitely was a waste of time. But ok: learning more every day :joy:

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well… still hope in 10yrs it will be a story like “The guy forgot about the SOLO he got with the airdrop now he is…”


You had me laughing hard at this one :joy: Not sure if my two digit SOLO will make me a millionaire in 10 years

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What did you get exactly? SGB or Flare? And on Swissquote or elsewhere?

no I had XRP on Swissquote … but the a…holes are not giving the SGB (Flare not yet dropped). I moved away from SQ. just waiting for the airdrops so I can leave them forever.
The SOLO I got with my ledger and xrptoolkit.

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