Would you take a job with Amazon?

I know we have a couple of Googlers (or Hoolis) in this community. How about ex-Amazonians? I just passed my third interview and will be facing a panel of 5 consequtive interviews before I might get an offer. Do any of you have past work experience with Amazon and would know how such employment helps with my FIRE status? Living in Luxemburg, I would assume that the AMZN salary is lower than in international banking. I have no idea if senior employees get stock options r anything else that might sweeten the deal. After all, I would be required to work my ass off with American style management and 60 weekly hours or so. Would you take such a job if it fit perfectly with what you like doing?

Haven’t worked for Amazon but I know a few people there. I doubt you will work more than 45-50h and I would expect an ote between 250k-320k CHF depending on role, seniority and benefits. If I were looking for a job, I would personally consider working for them, yes.

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Why do you think that?
Unless of course you plan to relocate to the US.
I got friends (in Europe) who worked there and it’s not as crazy as you say afaik.

Cannot comment on the pay as I don’t know of the banking ranges, but I would doubt that it’s not more or less in line with the salaries at Msft/Fb/Goog, in respective locations of course.

On the question if I would - Yes, personally, I would at least try for a year or two, can’t hurt the CV and the data scale must be immense and challenges relatively unique.
Unless your motivation is purely financial - then there might be other paths better for you.

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At least for SWE roles, RSUs are standard part of comp in the big tech companies (probably between 20 to 50% of comp). Usually one large grant at hiring + smaller yearly refreshes.

Check levels.fyi.

Edit: that said they don’t have a great reputation wrt company culture, but as always might depend on team/locations.

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