Worst case scenario for health costs

I was thinking today of the worst case scenario for health costs (knock on wood).
What I used to know is the typical Insurance+700+deductible, where 700 is the maximum amount you can pay after paying the deductible.
I know that if you are unlucky enough to get a weird illness not covered by the racket, you have to pay it on your own. That might cost a lot. Another thing I know, but don’t know exactly what it is, is the daily cost you have to pay if you stay in a hospital It should be around 20-60chf.

Anyone knows any other cost? I’m not 100% sure that if one of us get something bad (heart transplant?) you just have to pay the stuff I mentioned above.


That might get handy when we want to calculate the FIRE amount in Switzerland.

It would be good to get a list of covered things vs not covered.

The only thing I can think of when getting a heart transplant is that I want it to be done by the “best” hospital in Switzerland. Insurance doesn’t cover private clinics etc. if you don’t have it selected on your plan.

Here they say that the hospital additional fee is 15chf per day: