Working @ BDO Schweiz

Hello guys, is there any one here having ever worked or still working for BDO? Which is your experience @ BDO?

I have been said that the employee are becoming shareholders as well. Do you know how this works? Do you need to purchase an initial amount of shares to get employed or you will get them once employed as part.of the compensation?

In any case, any comment on working @ BDO is very welcome.

Many thanks in advance

I did not work for BDO, but I have a lot of colleagues that worked for EY, KPMG and PWC and most of them agree that it’s a horrible work climate in these big consulting companies, working 70-80 hours a week, hard to climb the ladder without any relationship to people on a higher level.

I assume the “becoming shareholders” part is that you get part of your compensation or bonus as shares instead of cash. I doubt that you need to make a buy-in, except if you start as a director or similar.

As in every consulting, they will milk you out. But if that’s your only option, there is worse.

A friend of mine uses BDO at work and says that the BDO folks are generally quite nice / seem happy.

Can you maybe interview folks that used to work there? (Find them via Linkedin.)

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