Withdraw cash from IBKR

Hi everyone

I probably have a dumb question, but I want to convert some CHF in EUR via IBKR and withdraw them via SEPA.
So I did send some CHFs for this purpuse (not touching the invested amount) to the account, converted them in EUR, register the account where I want to send them via SEPA, but when I try to withdraw I see the mssage

Send funds in the following amount to:

Cash Available for Withdrawal (assuming margin loan) EUR “amount”

Where “amount”, is a way bigger value to what I want to withdraw. Now, this confuses me because I would have expected to see the cash I converted not long before.

Can anyone please shed some light?

Thank you all in advance.


This just means that you could withdraw that much, implicitly taking out a margin loan. However, if you limit your withdrawal to the cash amount you have available, your cash balance will stay positive and you won’t pay any interest.


Thank you @jay very quick and clear.