WIR Bank TOP package

FIRE is about “Rappenspalterei” :sweat_smile:, but agree…


So, apparently my card has had a wrong configuration which lead to the mark up on the exchange rate. They changed that, we should get the correct interbank rate now.

Side note: Support was extremely friendly. They even reimbursed me for the exchange rate difference for the transactions I made - without me asking for it.


WOW… they indeed mean inter banking rate? Amazing…

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Nice that it worked out for you, but also very fishy how a card can have a “wrong configuration”… How many of their customers will actually check this and complain, and how many will just think they have a great deal even though they don’t…


does anyone know if VIAC 3A as well counts for their “20k of 3A with WIR” or not?

I would be interested in this too. Especially if there is nearly no cash on the VIAC 3A but only ETFs (I mean, I don’t think many keep only cash on VIAC 3A).

Furthermore, there is the option of buying “Anteilschein” of 200 CHF. But the way I understand this it wouldn’t cost ‘just’ 200 CHF but nearly 500 CHF given the current price (Eine Investition, die sich auszahlt | Beteiligungsschein | Bank WIR - Bank WIR).

I suspect this is an error as opposed to intentionally tricking customers.

My experience with WIR is that they are still an old fashioned bank. The people on the phone are very friendly. Their back office processes seem inefficient relative to the push for digital customers. I experienced a few manual errors in KYC (but for a non-standard situation). Not yet having TWINT also goes in this direction


Agreed. I was in contact with them and never had the feeling that it was an ‚intentional‘ error. I think its a new offer/debit card they‘re pushing and somewhere down the line a mistake happened.

Yes, got that impression as well, seems to be a more oldschool brick and mortar bank. However, their customer service makes up for any missing features (Push/Twint). I am amazed with them🤯

Btw: I verified their update to the card. They are now using the interbank rate for FX. In my test they were offering even a 0.2% better rate than revolut. Impressive.


Do you know of it is possible to try their E-Banking solution (like a demo)? If not, do you mind share your opinion about their e-banking solution and mobile app?

These points are important in my view and could or could not make me move in the near future :slight_smile:

can you tell me more about the process for the hypothek at viac?
I tried for an offer too, but they said I needed to have reservation contractor…

First off. I don’t have the TOP package, but I’m a customer of their 1.8% savings account. And for that you get access to the online banking as well.

The App has a demo mode, where you can try all their features.

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