Why choose between Finpension and VIAC

Hi everyone,

I found a fixed Job 5 months ago and i want to open a 3a pillar
I live in the VD canton so i can have two 3apillars. Is that right ?

What if i make one with Finpension and one with VIAC ? Is that worth ? less risky ? or it is better to have the both with the same ?

Thx for your help

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You can theoretically have as many 3rd pillar accounts as you want. In practice however, it doesn’t make sense to open more than 5 accounts. The reason is that you can withdraw 3rd pillar accounts earliest 5 years before official retirement age, so you can distribute the withdrawals over 5 years to break the progressive withdrawal taxation. In addition you can only withdraw the full amount, no partial withdrawal, that’s why it’s optimal to have 5 accounts.

Distributing it among multiple providers reduces the risk if one of them goes bust and you are not able to recover the money. The risk is extremly low, but not zero.

Personally I have 5 accounts, 4 with VIAC and 1 with a cantonal bank and I make sure that I pay approx. the same amount on each of the accounts every year. I’m thinking about moving 1 account to Frankly and one account to Finpension to further spread the risk, on the other side I want to keep it simple.

Oh ok i understand :slight_smile: it is very clear

Thank you

Personally, I don’t like that Finpension doesn’t verify your identity when you open the account.

Just FYI, they are planning to add verification in December 2022.


Btw there is a number of companies that verify your identity by receiving a bank transfer from a Swiss bank account in your name. Swissquote, Degiro I think. So finpension is kind of doing the same.

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