Who's familiar with Allianz 3rd pillar?

Hi people!
Happy New Year to all.

I would need some help with my Allianz 3rd pillar.
Yeah! I know it’s big mistake having it with an insurance but it is what it is.
It’s ongoing since 11 years and unfortunately I cannot move it out. Why?
I’ve used the 3rd pillar as warranty on buying my apartment’s mortgage … and guess what? The mortgage is with the same insurance :frowning:

So, I cannot move out the money to make other types of 3rd pillar investments but do I have the chance to stop it?
I don’t want to continue waste money in this but I feel a bit entrapted.

Any help, suggestion or even better a direct experience would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Likely not true.

Aren’t you entitled to withdraw pillar 3a (provided you meet the provisions set by law) and/or to a switch of the 3a provider?

As long as you provide satisfactory collateral for the mortgage, I don’t believe you can’t switch - though sorting the paperwork might be a bit tricky (not highly documented territory).

Thanks for the reply.
Well, i could technically move it to another better option but i’m quite locked in.
Best option at this stage is to stop it.

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