Who’s Afraid of a Bear Market?

“Again, I’m not saying a bear market is around the corner. It’s a low-probability event. But IF a bear market were to occur, it’s a lot scarier than people want to make it. True, the market has always recovered! It will also recover following the next bear market. The bad news: it’s not really a matter of if , but when! If the recovery takes too long it spells trouble for investors and especially retirees! For retirees with an aggressive withdrawal rate, it might make the difference between making it and running out of money. If you have a more conservative withdrawal rate – yours truly included – it might make the difference between having tons of money left over and just scraping by.”

Is anybody here doing anything “just in case” or is it business as usual with VT?

I have been reading a lot in this forum and other places over the past weeks and months and this question - in one form or another - keeps coming back.
In my opinion (although I am in no way or form an expert on this matter), since you can not know the exact time of occurence, nor the duration of the event, there is only so much you can (or even should) do. I guess it does indeed depend on the stage of life you are currently in.
Personally, I feel like my long investment horizon is my best insurance. If I were a couple of decades older, I might think differently and move my assets away from the stock markets towards more stable forms of investments. However, this is something that’s (more or less) generally agreed on anyway, right?

I am looking forward to the further discussion.

Oh no a crash, yay discount VT.


Except you only have 2 months left to buy VT.

Afaik that is not confirmed, we’ll see what happens.