Which strategy for my 3a VIAC account?

Hello everyone,

I am 25 years old and completed my studies this year. I am interested in opening my first 3a account for tax purposes. I have decided to open it with VIAC.

I am seeking advice and assistance regarding the different strategies available. Should I opt for Swisscanto or Credit Suisse?

Moreover, I am hesitating between choosing the Global 100 or Global Sustainable 100 option. Which one would be more suitable for me?

I would greatly appreciate your advice as I am feeling a bit unsure about what to decide.

Using a search function could help - discussed in different places around the forum

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Actually, I did not find a clear answer to my questions when I searched.

Back in march, there was a lot of discussion about switching from Credit Suisse to Swisscanto but I did not find which one I should pick to start.

Additionally, I did not see any topic explaining the difference between global 100 and global sustainable 100.

The difference between the funds of the two providers is negligible. There’s some useful information about the subtle differences here → VIAC- swisscanto vs credit suisse performance - #3 by TeaGhost

The sustainable ones use “ESG” funds, personally I wouldn’t use them as it is in my opinion just a marketing trick to get more fees from clients, read up on greenwashing.


I‘m still with CS. Will that eventually change to UBS? Any downside to just keep CS so far?

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I chose the Global 100 with CS. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sooner or later ot will change to UBS, but that will probably take a few years.

No, I don’t see any downside. I rather see a downside switching, as you will pay subscription and redemption spreads to switch.

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