Which order type do you use in IB?

I’ve never used anything other than the web version before. Yesterday I realized there is a order type called MidPrice and then I checked on TWS and there are even more order types.

Do you guys use anything other than market or limit orders?

I’m a simple one ETF (VT) portfolio type. I invest in the long term so the price difference for my monthly purchases of VT probably don’t matter all that much and I just use market or limit so far. But I’m curious if I could optimize anything by using any of the other order types.


Limit/Market is fine. Esp. for highly liquid stocks such as VT.

I always do MidPrice (only available for US stocks). It splits the spread in two and usually gets executed within seconds or minutes. Limit for non-US stocks.

mid-peice feature for stuff with a little less liquidity than VT.

VT or other as liquid etfs, just market order 30 min after open.

Always limit, to be honest. It can always be adapted easily but makes me keep some distance from staring at the price.

Sometimes I like to play around with trailing stops. Doesn’t make a big difference for a buy& hold ETF investor, but it’s fun watching if the stock goes your way for a while…