Which of these EM ETF would you choose?



They have same TER, VWO is double in size, but IEMG pays higher dividends (3.4% vs 2.1%).

I have to admit I am still not good at evaluating all other parameters, in particular the tax implications (I live and pay taxes CH). Which one would you choose and why? Or can you suggest a better EM ETF?

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I chose the vanguard one (VFEM in my case) because I like the FTSE scope better than MSCI, but that is personal.

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I would choose Vanguard also because due to the structure of this company you become co-owner of it by buying their products. And the way they reward owners is not by paying you dividends, but by lowering TER. It may not happen at once, but you have a higher change of this happening with Vanguard than with iShares.


I did also exactly the same as the broader scope of the FTSE fits mor the way I invest.
I also like the informations you get on the products of Vanguard (p/e, p/book, earning growth rate, return on equity…) With BlackRock you have the feeling to buy a cat in a bag as the information on the fundamentals is limited. For me the information on a found is the business card of the company and many fund emitter fail on this aspect.

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Vanguard for the above reasons. Also, in Switzerland, dividends are taxed as income, capital gains are not.


I chose iShares one, because I like the country allocation of MSCI better. But I also picked the one in Europe. Any reason you chose US ones? The DA-1 trick probably doesn’t work for the non-US dividends. Or does it?

Thanks people, indeed most of my other ETFs are with Vanguard.

No, and I still did not have the time to fully internalise all the tax related questions.