Which factory outlet is actually worth it?

Yeah, basically the title. Which factory outlets in Switzerland are actually worth the trip to save money? I know it depends on the products, the amounts and the distance, but still I’d be interested to know where you guys go.

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Fox Town in Mendrisio (TI) has a huge choice. Obviously not everything is cheaper than normal shop but if you look well you get some good stuff


Fox Town is good.

I went to Fashion Fish once. I needed outdoor clothing and found what I was looking for. Odlo and Jack Wolfskin are there.

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Thanks for the advice! Though I was thinking more like factory stores/outlets (Fabrikverkauf) where the factories themselves have stores where they sell their stuff. Even though Fox Town brands itself as a factory outlet it seem more like a outlet mall in the US sense. I was thinking more of like:

and similar.

The only factory store that I regularly visit is the mill where I buy all my flour: https://www.altbachmuehle.ch/

Not only does this make me feel unbelievably cool, but the quality is outstanding and the prices are lower than in grocery stores. And they have flour that I don’t find in regular stores. Now, is it worth the trip to save money? Probably not. I do a lot of cooking and baking and their flour is excellent, but it’s also fun to go there in person and look at all their machinery. :man_shrugging:

I guess single-brand factory stores aren’t worth it just for the money and time, unless you buy a truckload of their products. Like 20kg of flour. :grimacing:

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