Which broker for OTC Markets?

Hi all,

I will move to Switzerland soon and I don’t find any broker offering full access to American OTC markets.
Only IB and Saxobank seem provide Pink Market access but not to others OTC Markets.
Cornertrader and Degiro don’t provide any access to OTC markets.

I find on Google unionsecurities.ch but their website is shady and almost empty : there is no pricing nor detail of which markets they cover.

Do you know if there is any trustworthy broker providing full access to American OTC Markets in Switzerland?


There’s nothing wrong with InteractiveBrokers, quite the contrary actually.

I know IB is solid but I mean I was looking for a broker providing access to grey OTC market, IB seems allow to only sell and not buying on this market.
I will mail some brokers for more information as it’s a very specific question.

I considered buying Tencent on OTC market. Would be interested in your views on OTC as it seemed small intermediary, low liquidity, less regulation and therefore high risk

Decided buy Tencent in HKD or Euros