Where to move (ZH/ZG Area)

Hi everyone,

Motivated by a previous post, I am also asking for advise on places I might be overlooking. We have friends in Zurich but don’t have anything that ties us down to Zurich city. I am working full remote and my wife goes 2 days/week to the office in Zug.

We would like to find a modern place and if possible pay the same or less in rent and pay less in taxes.

Currently living in Zurich City, 2700 Rent (soon to be 2830) for an old 4.5 (no washing tower/elevator/updated kitchen/bathroom).


  • Easier then ZH to find an apartment
  • Modern apartments available (elevator, in apartment washing tower)
  • Easy commute to Zug (max. 45min) and not a crazy commute to Schaffhausen (max. 1h45)

Not sure if you have any suggestions in terms of cities to look into?

Thank you in advance!

Something like Ausserschwyz (Lachen, Wangen, Pfaeffikon)?

  • Taxes are very low (single 100k you are about 7-9% in taxes, but do the calculations yourself)
  • Commute by car to Zurich ~40min, Zug ~35-40min, Schaffhausen ~ 1h20min
  • Rent is not that much higher, but you can’t have low rent and low taxes.
  • You won’t live in a city, so I don’t know if that’s a dealbreaker for you. Otherwise you get more nature and if you want to go to Zurich, it’s just a 40 min drive anyway.

Silver Coast? Places like Thalwil, Oberrieden, Horgen you have direct connections to Zug and are there in 20mins. IDK about modern apartments but some have lower taxes than Zurich and you are next to the lake and still close to Zurich and also the airport.


If you plan to travel by public transportation you can use tools such as this one to identify overlapping areas allowing to commute to ZG/SH within your criteria.

However, once you have identified suitable areas check in SBB what it means in practice (e.g., number of changes, type of transportation, etc.).


Only connection from Schaffhausen to Zug is via Zurich. So any village along Zurich-Zug train line could suit.

If you want to save money on rent, look at the S5 (Hedingen, Affoltern, Mettmenstetten, etc.) - just be aware that’s pretty rural :sweat_smile: despite being close to Zurich, so be sure to check it out before taking an appartment :wink:

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I am assuming you are not really concerned with the loss of City life that Zurich offers. Because you wouldn’t find that anywhere else in German part of Switzerland. In my experience life outside Zurich is more or less the same in almost all places Zug, Schwyz, Horgen, Thalwil, Baar etc. For some it doesn’t matter, for some it really matters.

Regarding the villages on the way, Thalwil is a good point because it has low taxes, it has good train links to both Zurich and Zug. You can get reasonably sized apartments. And it’s on lake side. And Schaffhausen is also not far.


mmm, I moved from a small village to Zug and I really appreciate/notice the offerings that Zug has.

Weekly flights from Portugal? :sunny::smiling_face:

I wish :smiley:

Thank you for the suggestions, I think we will look into the Silver Coast and see what we find there since it seems to be the better fit for our situation.

that S5 train is awful, leg room designed for kids and so slow

Lived in Thalwil for a bit. Pretty nice place and very well connected, but it’s rather dead: people live here and work elsewhere mostly.
But I didn’t go to Zürich that often, and my work was near Zug, so I regretted not living closer in the end.

If you can afford it, I would chose Zug, it’s not that much further time-wise from Schaffhausen than Thalwil, but is closer to your wife’s work and nicer amenities/more lively. You most likely won’t find a 4.5 rooms for 2.8k though.

Same here. But he put in the requirements

  • Easier than ZH to find an apartment

Being Zug one of the most difficult places that I know to find an apartment.

At the end depends on the life that you are having and what it is important for you and your family

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