Where to buy SLI ETF?

Good Day,

I am looking to buy SLI ETF.

I found 4 if them (by UBS, IShares and XTrackers) but they all are way too expensive with 3% to 5% of Entry Charge!!!

This is incredibly high comparing to USA or EUR funds.

Did somebody bought SLI ETF with cheaper or Zero Entry Charge?

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks.

Entry / Exit charges:

“*Not applicable to secondary market investors. Investors dealing on a stock exchange will pay fees charged by their stock brokers or by their banks. Such charges can be obtained from the respective stock brokers or banks.”

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I saw this statement in the KiD. Does it mean I qualify for « secondary investor »? And will pay Zero entry fee?

Yes you are a secondary Investor, except if you got some millions on the bank.

Just get to your broker, type in the ETF you want to buy and go for it. You will pay the fees of your broker only (and of course the fund will charge you the management fees, but those you won’t really see)

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Thanks a lot, clear.