Where do you get your data feeds from?


How do you get the current daily prices of your investments like ETFs and funds when you check your portfolio holdings against your asset allocation strategy to rebalance? Do you simply export it from your broker? Do you use external providers to automatically refresh? Any you would recommend?

Office365. Has a buildin stock plugin with realtime quotes. So I don’t even need to login into IBKR or VIAC.

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Thanks, Cortana, this sounds interesting! I tried to look there too, but there are several in the shop. Is this one provided by Office365 directly or by an independent developer? Does it also have Swiss products or only US?

I’m a google fanboy & I “swear by” Google Sheets & the formula:
=GOOGLEFINANCE(B3&":"&C3) where in cell B3 is the stock exchange & in C3 is the Stock quote.
Of course US, EU exchanges available too, and forex, for example =googlefinance(“currency:USDCHF”)


Hi rolandinho, that’s nice! Does Google Finance support mutual funds in Switzerland too?

Mmh, I only have stocks & ETF’s, so a little überfragt on this point. If they’re traded/quoted on a stock exchange I’d say “probably yes”, if not, “probably no”. What’s an example of a Swiss mutual fund?

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For example those on the VIAC list, many are mutual funds, not ETFs (like the CSIF funds):

For swiss data, I’m extracting them directly from SIX: https://www.six-group.com/exchanges/index_en.html

I like to cut the middleman and I don’t mind dealing with the 15 min delay (I’m mostly using closing prices anyway).

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Yahoo Finance or Finnhub

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Really don’t know, I think unlikely. I have Viac, but include that in my “annual check” only, i.e. I get those numbers “manually” from the Viac report.

As a workaround, for mutual funds following indices one could use the =GOOGLEFINANCE(“indexswx:smi”) for SMI and =GOOGLEFINANCE(“INDEXSP:.INX”) for S&P500 etc.

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Thanks a lot for your comments, everybody!

I looked around in particular on SIX but not all mutual funds can be looked up there. I also could not find out what the criteria is for a mutual fund to be listed or not.

I have not managed so far to find any feed, even a paid feed, that has all ETFs and mutual funds available in Switzerland for an individual investor. The only way that works for me is exporting from the bank, but I need to log in and download manually every time…

@nugget has a similar question on this thread (1.2 in the original post, for mutual funds available with VIAC).

How do you get VIAC funds (CSIF ?) ?

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Any one knows by chance if something similar is possible with LibreOffice for those who are less fan of Google?

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Another followup: I tried GOOGLEFINANCE() as well but it also doesn’t have many of the mutual funds available in Switzerland.

Morningstar has at least some of them:

Searching with the ISIN seems to yield results. I’m quite a bit disappointed to have to go that length to get it, both VIAC and CS should make it easily available, if you ask me (they don’t as far as I know).

It wasn’t easy to be honest. Some funds didn’t work at the beginning in Office365. I had to try different names (ISIN didn’t work) till I got the right one.

Do you mean that in the end you found all your mutual funds, even those not listed on SIX or Morningstar, in Office365?

Well I found all VIAC funds, VT, VTI, VIOV, VEA and VWO. So everything what I need actually.


This sounds very good! Did you find a central place that lists all the codes? How did you look the funds up? The ETFs are clear because they have an exchange symbol. However, most mutual funds only have a valoren number, an ISIN and usually Bloomberg and Reuters.

Most of the funds are available on Bloomberg, but I was speaking about Office365 or Google sheet

Could you share the Viac funds ISIN which are working?

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