What legal structure is required to start an online business whilst on B permit

Under what legal structure is required to start an online business in my spare time, whilst working fulltime in Switzerland on a B-Permit ?

I understand that to start a Gmbh, you need a C permit and i’m many years away from being to apply for that.

If not possible to do this onshore in Switzerland, is an offshore (HK or other) structure viable and what’s required.

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Not true.

The basics can be easily searched and found, even in English, on the Swiss federal council (government) website.

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If you plan something like this, make sure you check with your employer first. I know that a lot of contracts do have clauses which require an approval from your employer before starting another side-business

San_Francisco already answered that correctly. I have a B-permit, and I already registered two GmbHs in Switzerland. It’s absolutely no problem. You might want to check websites like startups.ch for more information.

You don’t even need to start a GmbH for your stuff. Individual company will make much more sense in your case. For GmbH, you need 20k cash at the start.