What is your most monetizable skill?

Hi guys

Started reading Think and grow rich recently and quite like it. Especially the part about further education, and how to best learn a skill that can be monetized.

Now my question:

Out of your view: What are your most monetizable skills?



Looking up random facts or information on the internet.

Sometimes I’m even drawing useful conclusions from that.


Your monerizable skills are Constant request from your colleagues or family.
For me , it will be investment or it advices.
You can then open a blog, create online courses then create your own company.
It will require extra energy and time for me to put that in place.

Learning a shit lot of information about a specific field of law in order to give advice for client (without being an expert on it). I’m currently studying for my bar exam so I may not be objective on myself :grimacing:

Those that I am being paid for at work. Quite a stupid question from my point of view, sorry.


I DJ on the side (weddings, birthdays, etc.). All gigs I get through word of mouth, so manageable time-wise, yet a nice extra bit of cash a few times a year. Plus it’s fun! Who knows maybe one day I’ll be headlining at a club or festival

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