What is your monthly car owning cost?

Having a thread about leasing, let’s compare our car owning cost and maybe learn something from each other :blush:

Please give average costs per month or year :slight_smile:

  • depreciation (optional)
  • insurance
  • tax
  • parking
  • gas/electricity
  • inspection
  • repairs/maintenance
  • other costs

Add car info, km driven and your personal savings rate if you like :blush:

Ok, l will start with what I think is on the lower side, mainly due to low purchase price and relatively low parking cost.


  • depreciation: low. Smallish car bought used, up to now about 50 assuming no residual value (obv not true)
  • insurance: 36
  • Tax: 32
  • parking: 42 + maybe 10 variable
  • gas: unsure, maybe 50
  • inspection: ca 10
  • repairs/maintenance: 43
  • other costs: vignette: 3, tickets: 2


  • 280 counting depreciation
  • 230 not counting depreciation
  • 180 not counting depreciation or gas

Renault Clio 13 yo.

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Doing it with rough numbers because I’ll never get to it if I actually take the time to check the actual and accurate ones.

Dacia Duster dCi, 16 Mm (16’000 km)/year:

  • depreciation: 187.5 (22.5K price/10 years life expectancy)
  • insurance: 36
  • tax: 18
  • parking: 130 (parking rental at home and public parking for work)
  • gas: 150
  • inspection: 20
  • repairs/maintenance: 150 (estimated with raising costs as the car will get older)
  • other costs:
    • tires: 30
    • motorway toll sticker: 3

So roughly 732.-/month or CHF 0.55/km

Edit: km from 20k to 16k and cost of gas from 75.- to 150.- given @ChickenFat’s very apt remark below.

Edit2: insurance from 29.-/month to 26.-/month after checking the actual numbers.

Gas 75 CHF per month and 20’000 km/y means that either your car is running 100km with 2.5 Liters of gas or you found a place to buy gas for 0.5 CHF per Liter

Unless one has very good quality data, these numbers are true: https://www.tcs.ch/mam/Digital-Media/PDF/Booklets/kilometerkosten.pdf

True. I’m driving less lately and don’t have the right numbers in mind. A quick and dirty calculation would have me at 16’000 km/year for roughly 150.- of diesel per month. I’m correcting that in my post above.

(The other numbers, especially maintenance/repairs, are in the same range of precision, so not very accurate at all.)

Peugeot 208, 2014, 1.2 petrol engine, bought three years ago and drove 40’000 km so far.
Since then I listed all costs in an Excel doc. Here are the cost groups per month.

  • Depreciation: 100 CHF (only that since the car is already nearly 10 years old)
  • Gas: 125 CHF (6l/100km on average)
  • Cantonal tax: 31 CHF
  • Insurance: 59 CHF
  • Repairs, consumables: 59 CHF
  • Annual maintenance: 23 CHF
  • Parking: 110 CHF (just the first year)
  • Total: 507 CHF per month, 397 CHF now since I have a free parking space.

That gives us 0.46, resp. 0.36 CHF/km.

Tax/insurance seems quite high compared to what @Wolverine stated, I’d have to take a look on the insurance contract.

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I’m only covering liability, for CHF 433.25/year, with Helvetia.

My monthly cost is slightly higher than I remembered, at roughly 36.-/month rather than 29.-/month. I’m correcting that in my previous post.

Tax is at 211.-, in Valais/Wallis (lower taxes than Vaud and probably other cantons).

I see. I always had partial cover on top of liability cover, these last years we had damages that were covered (hailstorm, martens) for a total of 4000 CHF… I think I’ll keep it for the moment.

Crazy how car tax can change between cantons. We went 3x by moving from a canton to another (same car in both cantons).

So it’s a lot,

It’s a 2008 VW EOS

I bought it as second hand for 6k I hope it will last as long as possible, about depreciation I’m not sure yet let’s estimate … 80/month

Insurances costs me 83 per month (full insurance)

Tax (nothing or negative something because I can deduce travel costs and its value is not significant in wealth)

Parking between 130-170/month

Gas 300/month

Inspection + Registration (maybe that’s what you meant by tax) + parking badge for my town = 40

Maintenance 83/month

Tires 83/month

I make 30’000 KM a year so that’s why costs are shooting high and definitely if my time was not a consideration the train would be much cheaper even first class train subscription. But it helps me a lot with the different business meetings I have around switzerland and I also live in a much cheaper place than the city I work in.

My monthly rent would be in average 500CHF/month cheaper. But then I need a parking spot in my office and car gas …
Overall I average it at 10’000 CHF a year which would be 833 monthly travelling 3’000 to 3500 KM a month.

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way too much
driving an opel vivaro (necessary to keep due to activities)

  • depreciation / leasing : 560 CHF
  • insurance : 150 CHF
  • tax : 50 CHF
  • parking : 90 CHF
  • gas : 250 CHF
  • repairs/maintenance : 100 CHF

Total : 1200 CHF. Will be reduced to 640 CHF in one month.

I’m driving a lot, and moving a lot of stuff around. It’s the part that weight too much on my budget.

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first car was a Renault Laguna III from 2008, bought in 2013, done 80k km, sold in 2020 (on Facebook to Bulgaria in less than 24hrs), after it didn’t pass Swiss MfK and basically was an economical write-off :smiley:

Depreciation approx. 9000 CHF in 7 years = 112 CHF per month
Total costs with a rented garage, minimum insurance, buying cheap used tyres, serviced abroad, only the necessary repairs and including petrol ran to 0.48 CHF/km so approx 440CHF per month. That’s a heck of a lot of Mobility trips per month… :person_shrugging:

Current car is a BMW M135i, bought in 2020, still worth as much as I bought it for :slight_smile:

Costs are the same garage costs (1800/yr), full casco (1300/yr) and a bit higher maintenance costs due to “free 10yrs Swiss maintantence” that sell me free services but the oil costs like liquid gold :slight_smile: I’d say somewhere between 400 and 1200 a year, altogether ~300 CHF a month plus 0.17CHF/km for petrol plus the eventual depreciation when it sells.

And DAMN the petrol prices got a lot more expensive… :astonished: