What is "Revenus manquants necessaires" in the projection done by VZ for the MP family

Hello all (and MP if you are reading)
I have just started reading the book free by 40 and planning our life around this philosophy. We came across a chart that was prepared (see attached)

My husband and I were wondering what “revenue manquants necessaires” meant here? Is it the revenue that the MP family needed to make their dream of retiring at 40 come true?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


@_MP you are probably the best person to answer :wink:

Thanks @Burningstone for tagging me :slight_smile:

@amrithaahari indeed, this line is for additional income we needed to create to make our dream come true back when we visited VZ.

Great! Thanks for the quick reply! I’m really happy to have stumbled into your blog and book. I’ve since then convinced my husband on the idea of retiring early too. We are really trying to cut our expenses which seems almost impossible at this point.

Just wanted to say that even if we give up at some point, I’ve already made so many changes in our finances for the better that all this effort is totally worth it. Thank you for that gold mine of a book :1st_place_medal:. We absolutely love it!


Many thanks for your nice words, much appreciated :smiley: