What documents are needed for alimony tax deduction?

AFAIK, alimonies can be deducted from income.
Do you know if a tax office requires any official document or agreement between partners where the details of alimony payments are set up or is verbal/email agreement and proof of transfers enough?
Thank you!

You need to prove it with a judgement (if it is set up by a Court).

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How can I prove it if it was not set up by a court?
Can (from the tax office perspective) alimonies be set up directly between partners?

Maintenance contributions are generally made on the basis of a court order or a written agreement. This written agreement need to be approved by the guardianship authority or by the judge, or in a legal separation agreement.

So you need the back up of a court in the end.

However, it seems that a « simple » written agreement coule be enough for the tax autority. I suppose that you need to prove it with the agreement and specific expenses.

Last but not least, if you don’t have any written agreement or legal decision, you need to prove that your recurring alimony is in favor of you child or partner (bills, etc.).

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