What do you think of MMM?

Dear all,

I have just read the last blog message of Pete on https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/.

The first time I read his blog, long time ago, it was thrilling and close to a revelation. I kept a fondness for his blog for a long time.

But I realized in the past couple of years that I get more and more irritated by his tone and to what seems to be a lack of interest and research for his posts. I don’t know if he was always like that and I changed, or if he is the one who changed. Moreover, the cult-like atmosphere over there makes me itchy.

What is your opinion of him and his blog (and forum) ?

Kind regards,

EDIT: fixed the link

What do I think of the Mr. Money Mustache forum? I think it’s one of many excellent FIRE blogs/forums out there. If you are referring to the post “Beware of the Bubble,” I found it to add some good perspective, although it wasn’t anything that hasn’t been said before. I’ve never met him, so can’t offer a personal assessment of his character.

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You linked the forum, not the blog.

I think his blog is like dozens of blogs about FIRE. At some point you don’t know anymore what to write. He might have lost interest.

Had quite a few good articles on the blog but also a lot irrelevant ones over the years. I believe he doesn’t really post that much or relevant stuff anymore, but first time readers certainly have some good stuff to find in his archive. Recently I felt he sometimes made posts which seemed more to exists to push affiliate links.

And he is sort of one of the first, so that gives him some status.

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