Wealth Tax based on 1.1. or 31.12 assets?

Does anyone know if wealth tax is based on assets as of 31.12 or 1.1. values? Or is it based on an average?

based on 31.12

… char.


31.12 23:59:59 Swiss time, I would say :rofl:


Thanks! Funny, the tax authority took the 1.1 value and that’s what made me doubt my own understanding…

Could you please elaborate?

I declared the 31.12 asset value and got a correction from the tax authority who took the 1.1 value.

That sounds wrong. As far as I can tell, all cantons are required to assess wealth at the end of the tax period. See Fedlex Art. 17

I’d recommend contacting the tax authorities and asking for an explanation or correction.


To better understand, what type of wealth are you speaking about? crypto ? stock? money in bank ? money under your mattress?

Stocks, to be precise, one security.

Have you looked it up in ictax? That’s the official value they’re supposed to use

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And this stock is traded at an exchange which is open on January 1st? Most stocks will not have a price on Jan 1st (public holiday in most countries), that is to say the closing price on Dec 31st stays the same until opening on first trading day in January (2nd or 3rd).
anyhow, you are of course right, the value used should be the value when the fireworks start in CH (midnight on the 31st).
It is even written in the heading of the Value column in the Wertschriftenverzeichnis "Steuerwert am 31.12….”.

You are all correct, the tax authority confirmed they made a mistake in their “correction”. :expressionless: