W8-BEN, Corner Trader & GlobeTax

I have recently discovered that Corner Trader is unable to offer the process of the W8-BEN form and therefore US ETF dividends are paid out with 30% withholding tax rather than 15%. I was advised by Corner Trader that I can use GlobeTax to process my claim to the lost 15%.

Has anyone used the recommended GlobeTax service? Have you had good experiences? Are there any alternative options for me? I can’t do this myself in any way can I as I believe I need a recognised intermediary I think - let me know if my memory is wrong though.

I think this is another reason for me to long term look to move everything to IB from Corner Trader. Frustrated by a number of points with Corner Trader and the extra costs are really beginning to add up.

I already moved everything some time ago. I left the account open because it’s free, but I think I’ll keep some chf-denominated investments as broker diversification - I’m too scared to keep everything on IB.