All the Ticker in the title correspond to the ETF known here as VWRL.
As you can see here:

I did move some VWRL from IB to PF and saw the “converted” to VGWL. Theoretically they are the same, but if I want to sell them, I can only sell them as VGWL (Stuttgart) right now or probably all the other markets listed by PF/SQ. Amsterdam where I got the VWRL isn’t in the list, so that’s probably the reason. It uses the VGWL Ticker.

My question: Since Stuttgart is open until 10pm, can’t people arbitrage it? On yahoo finance I can see the Stutgart one sold right now for 1 point more than the other german one. The one in Amsterdam has a similar price to the second german one (xetra I think). Does the Stuttgart one is on par with the others while the other markets are open? Is there people buying in one market and selling later on Stuttgart?

I had a similar experience, moved SSAC in CHF at ESB from IB to PF and they converted it to the one listed in USD. I opened a ticket at PF and they corrected it (took them a week).

Changing the listing generally costs 50 francs or so. They did it free of charge on some (but not all?) funds I transferred in.
Good news is that you can keep the same fund as two positions at different exchanges - so kf they want money to change the listing, just leave there and going forward buy any future shares at your target location. Works like a charme and its no issue as long as you don‘t sell.

I wonder why this happens though. If I don’t sell there is no difference, but if I want to sell it might be problematic. Not really on my case though, it’s hypotetical.

I’ve the same dilemma. Eventually I do want to sell.

What’s odd is seeing that there are vastly different numbers of asks/bids (not price) looking at the same ETF in UBS and PF, despite listing being on the SIX for both. UBS seems to have 5-10x the number of asks/bids for the same security on the same exchange than PF. How’s that possible?

On PF, when you click “sell” you can pick where. So you can theoretically buy on Amsterdam and sell on Stuttgart. You should probably sell where the price is higher :slight_smile:
Note that Stuttgart apparently had always higher prices lately and also stays open until 10pm.

I feel many years away of ever clicking “sell” though, so it’s not a problem I need to deal with now. Clicking “buy” more often, and with more money is my current problem :wink:

Still, do you have any idea about my question above? Maybe I’m missing something obvious but can’t think of what. If we’re talking about the same security on the same exchange I wouldn’t expect the number of asks and bids to be the same, but not 5-10x different.

I have no idea if they are delayed or there is something else in play. It might be the market-maker that do that? I’m unsure how it work internally. You might have to try selling to really know what’s the deal.
I wouldn’t care.