VoIP provider with good termination rates for EU calls?

Plans with international calling are too rich for my blood, I prefer to buy the Groundwire app (10.-) and call using my data and VoIP. It also is much cheaper when roaming as you only need roaming data. I use VoIP.ms and it’s pretty good for US and Canada calls (1/2 cent a minute) but they’re not so good for EU rates.

What’s the VoIP.ms of Europe?

I use JustVoip (combined with its mobile App, MobileVoip) and it used to work pretty well to me. I say it “it used to work” because since 2 years I changed jobs and theoretically need to be available 24/7, with clients all around the world, so my employer pays the phone bill (calls and data) without asking questions (they have a deal with Swisscom), so I haven’t used Justvoip that much lately.

Thanks, I’ve used Dellmont’s many many many resellers in the past but always found the call quality lacking and there were always issues with caller id. glad to hear you didn’t have issues with them but I’m hesitant to use them again.

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Hi folks, slightly OT… do you get a phone nr. where you can receive SMS/2FA with these providers?

I’m having the opposite problem of needing to keep “alive” two foreign phone numbers without any use, just for banking authentication… and it’s really an hassle.


VoIP.ms lets you port existing DIDs and keep them for a low monthly fee. But I don’t think they do every country in the world, just a select few. Otherwise twilio can most likely do what you need but I don’t know how much it costs and if it makes sense in your situation.

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I just bumped into this discussion. Several years ago, I used Voip Buster… It an old online voip service. From Switzerland for most of Europe’s landlines is 0,017 - 0,022 eur / minute.
You can check their rates here.
It’s so old that their mobile app and webpage could really use a refresh…
Very recently I needed to use it again and it still works. My 12y old ‘credit’ was still there :phone:

EDIT: whenever you buy credit (i.e. 10 euros), you get 120 days free-to-use (check list of countries) before starting the billing on that credit.

Voipbuster is yet another Betamax if I remember correctly. A testament to Betamax’ ubiquity and dependability if anything.