Virtual Payment Cards

Virtual Payment Cards from are available only to US residents. Anybody knows a comparable concept available here?

I like to idea of restricting cards to certain online shops.

Hi Neville,

I’ve been using the disposable virtual cards from Revolut for one-time online payments. And even for recurring ones, I sometimes use the same method to trigger a payment failure on renewal - and “force” myself to reconsider if the service is really needed.

Recently UBS has been pushing something I believe similar through advertising, but haven’t checked it.

From quickly skimming at the linked website it seems they cover many of the same use-cases, is there anything in particular that was standing out?


I also use the Revolut disposable virtual cards and am a big fan.

For me the best aspect of it is that if I want to sign up for some service with recurring bills and no possibility to opt out, I don’t worry about forgetting to cancel it if I’m not using it (though sometimes I wonder whether this could have some impact on my credit score…)

I have never used Revolut, so the concept of virtual cards was new to me.

I’ll check it out, thanks!