Virtual Dividends on ICTAX

As a means of micro-optimizations, I try to avoid purchasing accumulating ETFs around the dates they deemed to receive virtual dividends according to ICTax. For many of them (e.g., CSSPX, CSEMU) the date was 31.07, which I just remembered. However, this seems to have changed in 2024:

Can this be trusted? Or is it common to see a wrong date there while the year is still ongoing?

The date is normally the financial year end date of the ETF. Could it be that the ETF changed its financial year (start and end dates)?

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Good question. According to the ishares website it’s still 31.07 (updated 19.02.2024).

I checked ictax. I see 31.05 but I don’t see any value. So maybe it’s just temporary and they are waiting for annual reports to be published.

However it could also be that they have made some agreement with ishares on data sharing. So maybe best to check with ictax team.

There’s no value because 31.05 is still in the future :grin:

Still no data. I’m not buying it until they publish a number :slight_smile:

  • (I) Der steuerbare Ertrag konnte noch nicht ermittelt werden und wird später festgesetzt.


  • an expected annual return of 6% (income and capital gains combined)
  • a dividend yield of 2% and
  • a personal marginal income tax rate of 30%

the expected additional return from holding out for another 6 weeks is approximately negative.

2% * 30% = 0.6% < 6/52 * 6% = 0.69%

I’ll probably invest in something else in the mean time. Also our marginal tax rate is probably higher (marriage penalty).