VIAC Portfolios High Cash Holdings 03 2023 & Cost Comparision Zürich Baloise

I was just comparing costs in my Zürich and Baloise FZK accounts with new entrant like VIAC.

I see VIAC Global 60 is currently 25% in cash and Global 40 even 47% in cash, in both cases at 0.05% (no fee). I guess this is on the view that they need a CHF weighting and yields are barely more than the cost of putting these in yield products.

The Global 100 is on the other hand 97% invested.

For info fees+1st level TER at Zürich are 0%+1.25% and Baloise 0.2%+0.8% in Balanced allocations, compared to 0.4% for the VIAC… considering a six year performance of 0.5% net pa on the current arrangements, that’s about 50% of the performance.

How many separate FZK pots do VIAC allow you (I mean my friend…) to have?

Today, interest on cash increased to 0.35% p.a. for VIAC vested benefits (0.6% p.a. for VIAC 3a). They have yet to update their webpage, though.

Also, the total fees are now capped at 0.40% instead of 0.44% (this doesn’t include extra fees for certain funds).

See 3rd pillar investment solution from VIAC [2023] - #33 by Scorpion

As far as I know, VIAC only has a single foundation for vested benefits, which means you can’t have multiple accounts. finpension allows two accounts (two foundations). Combining VIAC and finpension is also possible, of course.