VIAC is lowering their fees

They heard us. VIAC just posted on LinkedIn that they’re going to lower their fees as they surpassed 1 billion in AUM.
I’m interested to see how far they will go and if they will beat Frankly.
Deep down I hope they do, I always felt more welcome at VIAC than at Frankly and I do think VIAC is more transparent. The only drawback for me were the fees.


What are “sportive strategies”?

Good question… I’d guess the strategies with higher equity exposure. I’m happy as long as my Global 100 gets cheaper.

I guess since the cash is not charged with fees, they meant the part in the equities…

High percentage of stocks, I guess.

On paper, Frankly is (a little) cheaper, yes.

But: For strategies with high equity exposure, don’t you have a larger part in CHF, thus ‘are forced’ to pay indirectly for CHF hedged products? Making VIAC cheaper in reality…?

I haven’t seen an actual figure for the cost of hedging at frankly. But yeah, I also assume the actual cost to be higher than what they advertise. Dont know if more expensive than Global 100.

have a look here Pillar 3a - Finpension, Viac, Frankly comparison -

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