VIAC - how to replicate Global100 with individual strategy

Hi everyone,

I would like to build my own VIAC individual strategy by deviating slightly from the global100 offer.
However, I am stuck with the following: according to the factsheet, it seems that the SMI is allocated at 27%, however in the individual configurator I can’t seem to be able to go beyond 20%.

Am I missing something? Is that even possible?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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There are limitations with individual strategies that aren’t in place with their own strategies.

What is your goal or desired allocation here?


Hi Antoine,

There is a whole thread on the subject with various strategy.
Viac force us to invest 40% of the 3rd pillar in chf. Investing in SMI and SPI with a strong home bias is a possibility but you could also use an ETF hedged in CHF to have a world exposure (e.g.: CSIF World ex CH hedged - Pension Fund | 37% | CHF).


I see… Well in that case, so be it, I will stay with their own strategies. Thank you for the confirmation!

(I was initially interested in replicating their Swiss100 plan but changing a bit their ratios SMI / SLI / SPI Extra)

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Thank you for the thread, it helped me reconsider my desired asset allocation.

There is also finpension, where you basically have no limits to allocation.

You can also treat all accounts as one portfolio and realize your desired strategy in multiple accounts.

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