VIAC factsheets missing

I was checking if some finpensions’ funds are available on VIAC and I noticed a bad thing, maybe even illegal.

All Credit Suisse’ ETF are not directly linked but they take you to CS’ search engine for funds. This might be somehow acceptable, if it only worked. It doesn’t. Some Funds can’t be found.
That should be already a warning sign for VIAC, at least if I understood the “famous” law we were discussing a while ago about the possibility to lose all american ETFs from the swiss market since they don’t have an informative pdf or something like that.
VIAC isn’t compliant if there is a law about it and, maybe worse, all CS ETF aren’t showing the typical PDF all ETF usually need to have, instead they show an html page, with some information, but not all.

Have a look at those two examples:

  1. Not found at all:

  1. Which one to pick? (what does FB, FBH means?)

Opinionis? Have I misunderstood again something?

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web links break all the time because a page might be temporarily offline or they change something in the background. Important is that the ISIN’s are referenced, which they are.

The links you mention (I assume on this page) work for me right now. The fact sheets are 2 clicks away (documents > fact sheet).

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They don’t. You have to chose “Profesional investor” do get directly to those funds.


FB and FBH are share classes for retail investors. FB is unhedged, FBH is hedged. With VIAC we use different share classes, though: ZB/ZBH (zero-rated as VIAC pays the main part of the fees to CSIF directly). As @Cortana mentioned, you have to choose VIAC’s investor category to get access to these fund factsheets.


So, I removed all cookies and got this:


With Qualified, the first link works, with Retail not. OK.

Since I"m a nitpicker, I will say that “Qualified” is a weird name for Professional, especially on this case.

I still believe it’s unusual that for UBS they link them directly and for CS they are two click away (with risks)
My first reaction was wrong though. It’s just not user friendly enough from a VIAC’s customer perspective. For my perspective, I should have thought a bit more about the difference between retail and qualified.

That should have been already a hint that I did something wrong :slight_smile:

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For my other point… I still don’t get a pdf fact sheet as the others banks. I suppose it’s not compulsory to link to more official documents, like KIID.

As far as I know, KIID is only required for funds that retail investors can directly invest in. And KIID is available for the FB share classes of CSIF funds. VIAC is presumably considered a wealth manager which is allowed to invest in non-retail investment products on behalf of its clients. I.e. VIAC is required to inform its clients about the total portfolio costs and risks but can then implement the portfolio with non-retail products as long as the reported total costs are correct. A KIID of a zero-rated fund also doesn’t make much sense as the fees are deducted outside the fund itself.

The usual monthly factsheets are available, though. While not regulated, they are typically more informative than the regulated KIID, in my opinion.


agree to your statements.

The TL;DR is that VIAC is implementing it’s strategies with share classes / products only available for instituions or qualified investors and not retail investors (hence the “Pension Fund” in a lot of the product names). That’s why you need to select qualified investor on the fund’s websites.


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I was just joking. But I get your point. It could be more user-friendly.

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