Vested Benefits 2020 Leaving for EU

I am looking for a vested benefits account since I am leaving switzerland for the EU (France). It is not much money since I was in Switzerland only for 4 years. I am looking for an account with no fees (or low fees if possibility of holding the money in stocks).

I was recommended CIC, but they told me they do not open vested benefits accounts if you are not already a customer.

Where can I find a bank that will open a vested benefits account for free for (soon to be) non-residents?

As mentioned in other threads, VIAC or ValuePension are probably what you are looking for.

ValuePension offers higher stock allocation for 2nd pillar mandatory assets (99% instead of 80%). Bonus is also that they are located in Schwyz and not in Basel, so way lower taxes once you withdraw the account.


According to this review, they charge a fee for moving abroad. I assume that they mean only when taking out the money early. Not when moving to EU, but do you happen to know where the information on additional fees can be found?

I think there was a recent thread around this somewhere in this forum comparing the takeout fees. Please use the search function. I’d go for VIAC if I moved abroad or started a startup.

I could not find it. I checked with valuepension it is 500CHF in case of early withdraw (leaving Switzerland permantently for non-Eu country). So no fee for moving to EU and just taking at pension age. I could not find the thread MrCheese referred to but I think it is not that clear cut because VIAC seems to have a higher withholding tax when taking the money from outside Switzerland. That might well offset the 500CHF fee.

Only if you withdraw it within 12 months after transferring it?

I don’t understand what you are asking but:

Early withdrawal for home ownership per case: CHF 500
Pledge per case: CHF 200

Withdrawal from the vested benefits foundation within one year of joining: CHF 400 ( The fee is only due if you switch to another vested benefits foundation.)
Advice and processing fee for capital withdrawals with residence abroad: CHF 500 per capital withdraw

So those are two separate fees. One for withdrawal for moving to another vested benefits account within one year and one for withdrawing because leaving EU area.

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