Vested Benefint Account with Retraites Populaires - 1% fixed rate

Hello everyone,

Do you know the Retraites Populaires RP Arc en Ciel vested benefint account?
They seem to offer 1% fixed interest rate, which is up to my knowledge significantly better than all the others vested benefint providers.

I also can’t find it on online comparison (e.g. on Comparis). Do you know why?

It looks very good to me, or can you catch some problems, like hidden fees?


1% is not really good in my opinion, that’s the required minimum you get with every pension fund.

With a vested benefit account you can invest your money with e.g. Finpension or VIAC and get way higher expected returns over the long run.

Yes, of course if you invest in stock you on the long run the return is better. I was looking for something not stock-based.

Do you know a better provider with guaranteed return?

For a vested benefits account 1.0% is very good if someone does not want to invest, for example if one wants to park its savings between two jobs with a short time horizon of a couple of months.
The required minimum for pension funds does not apply for vested benefits account.
To my knowledge, the rates are typically between 0.01% and 0.1%.
If you are looking for a comparison, you can check the following link:


That’s of course true.

Yes, I know. That would be a bit too harsh for vested benefits providers, as they don’t invest your assets if you simply park it there compared to pension funds which often invest heavily in stocks and alternative investments.

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It’s a really good rate. I don’t think you will find better.


Thank you for all your answers!

And do you think Retraites Populaires is a trustful source?
I find it weird that I can’t find it on comparison online like the Moneyland one.

Most definitely trustful! It was founded by the cantonal government of Vaud and is an “institution de droit publique”. Today they manage among others the pension funds for public employees of Vaud such as teachers.


Ah perfect! Thanks a lot then :slight_smile:
I think I will move my second pillar to them then.