Vending Machine business

Hey all

Recently I watched some youtube videos where people (mostly US) are making easy cash with vending machines (drinks) and was wondering if this could also work in Switzerland? Place a vending machine somewhere crowded, fill it up with drinks and that’s it :blush:

Someone thought about this already? Are there any concerns? Any regulations?


No concerns. Go ahead. Maybe bring a long extension cord when you place your machine in ZH main station or somewhere else crowded. And don‘t bother paying rent or compensation for the place in case you don‘t own a crowded piece of land as this lowers your return. :money_mouth_face: :innocent:


You obviously need the authorisation of the owner. Then, I don’t remember if the law is only valid in Vaud, but I remember you have to ask the municipality and pay for it.

Well I would say that selecta is a huge competitor for public spaces. But in offices or schools maybe, if the companies and school boards agree.

There is also felfel in the business which looks really good on pictures. We asked to have one in the office but management rejected it because of the high cost - less benefit for the workers. I guess it wouldn’t be cheap enough for people to make use of it.

Felfel – is it expensive for a small company?

To be honest I don’t know the terms but on their website you can find a sample menu with 10-12 francs per meal

Thanks, but I’m interested in the monthly costs for the company…and I can’t find the prices.

I had one of the FelFel fridges installed in the company I was working for, after they suspended the canteen service. For the company this was a more viable option, after the office population decreased sharply in the latter years. The average price for a ready-made meal from the fridge to reheat was around 12-13 chf. The FelFel people changed the meals every couple of days.
The big rush to buy happened usually on Fridays after 5pm when meals were offered on a 50% discount price.

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