Vaud Tax not taking "tax at source" into account?

Hello guys,
I was about to submit my taxes on the new Vaud online interface, and there is a page simulating your taxes (credit or debit) before you click submit.
In my case it is telling me that I owe them X€, and that I paid 0 tax at source, so I will owe them the full amount.
But, I filled in the first section my salary AND my taxes at sources. So I don’t understand why this simulation window is not taking it into account… Is it a glitch that you all encountered ? Or did I miss something.
Thanks !

Indeed, it’s confusing but you need to enter the amount withheld again in one of the very last steps. I don’t remember exactly the name of the field, it’s either something like “Acomptes payés” or another field on that page.
Then that amount will be deducted from the total to be paid.

Thank you ! It was indeed the very last section down below. “Acomptes”

It did not copy the number I had input at the beginning, and was neither mandatory even though I mentionned I was taxed at source above… This is a real miss in their process in my opinion

Well I guess first time you put this number as a part of the salary certificate. Second time as how much you have paid already. If you are a couple both taxed at source, you have 2 numbers from your salary certificates and one number as already paid. Granted, it is not difficult for the software to calculate third number as a sum of first two numbers, but still there is a certain logic in it.

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