Vanguard US cuts fees


Fees on numerous Vanguard US have been cut

Of particular interest to Mustachians, the VT is now 0.09%, VXUS is 0.09%, VEA is 0.07% and VWO is 0.12%, VTI remains unchanged at 0.04%.


effective TER for market weight all-world allocations as of today:
VT is 0.09%
VTI+VXUS (55%/45%) is 0.0625%
VTI+VEA+VWO (55%/35%/10%) is 0.0585%


Great news. I still hope Ireland based ETFs will also cut their fees,
Currently, Emerging ETF US based (VWO) is 0.12% and the one based in IE is 0.25% (VFEM).
I don’t understand why the european ones can’t beneficiate from the economy of scale.


They’re completely separate funds, run by separate entities, in a different country. The US one is 40x as large. (Those two also happen to track different indexes.)