Value investors: which website do you use to get the last 10 years financial data for your stock/equities?

I am referring to the Big 5 numbers that Phil Town is referring to.
Several people mentioned stockrow to me but I am fed up to its shitty data quality(already noticed several times their data are wrong), I’d rather pay a bit to have reliable data. For example I need to check historical BVPS(equity per share) , I also struggle to find correct historical P/E data

This is what they have for Bumble,

those number in circle are clearly wrong

I’ve looked at stock2own in the past, you can check if it’s any better than that.

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Have you tried TIKR ?
I’ve explored the free plan only, but never compared with other platforms.

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I am using stockrow too but as a free alternative is not bad. I like how he summarize many important information on one page. If you twit about the website, he gives you access of all financial data (>10 years)

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