Value Investment Club in Zürich/Zug

Hi fellow forum members,

As you may have seen on this thread, there are a few people on the forum who would be interested interested in allocating a some part of their funds in a value-oriented fashion.

Some went as far as suggesting that I manage some part of their portfolio for them.

Although I was flattered at first, I thought quite a lot about it in the last couple of days and discussed privately as well with @1000000CHF.

The conclusion we had is the following: Instead of me managing money, we would like to create a Value Investment Club in Zürich/Zug where members would regularly meet and help each other become a better investor.

Why an investment club?

In the past years I have read regularly (see for instance this book, or the Farnam Street podcast here, or Ray Dalio’s book as well ) that the best way to progress in anything is to have a group of like-minded people, kind of a „Mastermind group“, where members expose their ideas and other members can give feedback, criticize when needed and debunk each other biases.

Investing is the epitome of decision making. I hope that this club will help each members to make better decisions.
I hope it will lead to a situation where we have a solid group of investors who investigate investment ideas with diligence, correct mental biases in each other, and elaborate a good investment process. It will benefit to everybody and on the long term we will have much greater rewards than simply having one person managing other persons’ money.

We would meet regularly (monthly?) and each member would expose what he learned during the month, or
a company he analysed, an interesting concept or some resources he found. At the beginning I would help other members and present them what I have figured out so far. But after a while I would expect all members to present their ideas/concept/resources so that it can benefit each other. Another benefit of this group is that we would correct biases in each others’ thinking.

Who am I looking for?

Value Investing takes a lot of time, it is my experience that in this field the only way to progress is through continuous learning.

Therefore, I am looking for motivated people who :

  • would be willing to commit time on a regular basis to investigate concepts and/or companies
  • are happy to discover the marvelous world of mental models
  • are not afraid to learn and practice accounting
  • are willing to read LOTS of financial reports
  • are willing to meet regularly in Zürich or Zug

Initially we would limit the group to 4 or 5 people to see if the concept is viable.

If the above description fills you with enthusiasm, do not hesitate to contact me!


I am fully on-board. I’m die hard indexer, but I consider this a way of methods diversification and quality filter for my small caps allocation. I convinced myself that value investing make sense, especially as an addition to the core of portfolio in index funds.


nice formulation, pretty much applies to me to :wink:

Hey @Julianek,
what you wrote there is quite aligned with my secret hope i had when i read the other thread.
I would be definately in - however currently it is not possible to pick up on another hobby. if the club allows for a “passive attendant” for a couple of months, this would be my call.

I would gladly offer my place (ZH-Höngg) for a kick-off some weekend day in october since i will be abroad until then :slight_smile:


I’m kind of interested and scared as well :slight_smile:
I’d probably be the most ignorant of the group though.


Hi @Julianek,

I’d be very interested, so count me in as well.


Count me in.

My presence will depend on when it happens as it’s far from home but you picked my interest!


Cool, we already have some volunteers! I will contact each of you to see how we can organize this :slight_smile:
A said in the first message, I’d like to keep the group small in the beginning, mainly to test the viability of the concept, and be able to focus on content and not organisational overhead. So 6 members should be enough to start :slight_smile:


Count me in. I would like to participate in the club too,

see you

Hi Julianek, nice initiative. I would also love to be part of it, if you still accept more members. Currently I am living 40 minutes away from Zurich but I work in ZH so I am able to meet regurlarly if it fits the schedule. I could offer a meeting room at the company I work for for meetings in the evening…

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Hi Julianek,

This initiative fills me with enthusiasm! I have an accounting and finance background and would be more than happy to join and contribute to this initiative. I am currently living and working in ZH.

I think this could be a wonderful hobby: learning, sharing and investing :smiley:

I would be interested too (sorry been on vacation so didn’t see it sooner).

I would also love to join. Im working in Zurich too, and live in Aarau. If the "main" club is already closed for new members, Im also interested in meeting other “pending” members as a sub value club.

PM Sent. From now on inscriptions are closed, so we can see how the first events go and make sure they are manageable :slight_smile:

While I do not live in the region of Zürich/Zug, I think many of us would be interested by whatever advice/tips/ideas the collective mind of great Mustachians comes up during those meetings! :smile:

And also, have fun with your first meeting!

Hi from Zurich too :slight_smile:
I’d also glad to join your club, if there will be a meetup -> let me know :wink:

Maybe you should consider recording the video of the presentation (or audio + slides). It might be useful as a self-improvement tool for the presenters, but maybe it could also become a business. I can imagine paying for access to this kind of recorded seminars.

BTW, if there would be some interest, I’m happy to help with the business part of it.

Fingers crossed for your meetings!
Unfortunately I’m in GE/VD…


Hi guys
If there is still space in your group, I’m happy to join you.
Please send me a note if you meet next time.
Cheers lutz

Are meetups still happening? Haven’t seen any updates.

Hi Nobeard, yes they do :slight_smile:
Most of the communication happens on the club’s slack channel…


I am living in SZ and would love to join the Club / Slack group. Is that still possible?