Using 2nd pillar to buy real estate shares

I was idly browsing the rules for using the 2nd pillar to buy a home here and noticed a sentence that seems to say that it’s ok to buy shares of certain real estate holding companies

(Google translation)

Permitted participations: the acquisition of shares in a housing cooperative; the acquisition of shares of a tenant joint stock company; the granting of share loans to a non-profit housing developer.

(original German)

Zulässige Beteiligungen : der Erwerb von Anteilscheinen an einer Wohnbaugenossenschaft; der Erwerb von Aktien einer Mieter-Aktiengesellschaft; die Gewährung von partiarischen Darlehen an einen gemeinnützigen Wohnbauträger.

Does anyone have any experience with this? It could be a nice way to get more than the 1% interest my employer’s fund is offering on the 2nd pillar.

…for the property you live in, yes.

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This refers to a somewhat uncommon setup in which a property is owned by a joint-stock company, which in turn is owned by the tenants. Like San_Francisco wrote, you can only withdraw retirement assets for your primary residence. So if you move into a property owned by a tenant joint stock company, you can withdraw the money to buy shares.

It’s similar to buying shares in a housing cooperative (but generally requires a bigger investment).

Thank you very much to both of you, that makes a lot of sense.

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