Use Swissquote to complement PostFinance e-Trading

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I’ve read trough some stories but couldn’t find any thing that would match my question.
So I thought I make a new thread to get your opinion.

At the moment I use Postfinance as bank and e-trading plattform and invested in some stocks. I know the fees are rather high but I wanted to stick to a swiss broker and felt comfortable to try e-trading with the bank I always used.

Some years have passed and I’ve read multiple blogs and reviews which recommend Swissquote as Swiss broker.

My positions on Postfinance are above 10 stocks (not etf) so I don’t see the point of transfering them with the high fees Postfinance charges for a transfer (around CHF 110). In hindsight probably wouldn’t have bought so many stocks buth I’m fine with them sitting in the account and sell when it reaches my goal.

Longterm I want to invest into VWRL and Swissquote popped back in my mind.
VWRL on the swiss market gets charged with CHF 9.- per order. Postfinance charges CHF 15.- for order values up to CHF 1’000. Realistically I won’t have orders above CHF 1’000 so the difference would be CHF 6 per order. If I invest every month plus a few extra orders (14x) would make a difference of CHF 84.-

What I struggle with is if it makes sense to have this ETF investment with Swissquote or just stick to Postfinance. If I compare with this calculator it does not make any difference. Take an etf depotvalue of CHF 10’000 .- and enter the orders from above:

So if I invest into the ETF with Swissquote I would have a separat broker with no additional cost because of the money saved from the costs the orders would have been with Postfinance.

Is there any other advantage what do you think? Transfering the existing depot does not really make sense, to make that money back would take a while…

Thanks for your input

So 1.5% + 0.15% stamp duty + stocks exchange fees probably another 0.2% = 1.85% to buy ETF units. This is huge. Pure rip off.

If you decided to go for Postfinance, you can try to invest less frequent and use up trading credits. Like slightly below 5000 CHF at once.

You can also check FlowBank, their pricing looks interesting. But both Swissquote and FlowBank have custody fees, and with FlowBank the minimum is smaller. You can generate trading credits for Swissquote by using their credit card, the virtual one is free. CornerTrader have no custody fees, but you have to make at least one transaction per trimester.

And then there are German banks acting as brokers.

Good luck.

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I still have Postfinance as e-trade plattform. I buy only as long as my credits last 90CHF. Beside that I use IB as many others in the forum. If you go with the recommendation from @Dr.PI to have bigger portions (slightly below 5000CHF) this would mean less trades, probably only one every quarter. That would make you probably better of with Postfinance than Swissquote as Postfinance does not really have custody fees as long as you use them as trading credits. I used to have Swissquote as well in the past but I did get away from them as I do really not like the custody fees. In my opinion (and my set-up) you can have Postfinance as the safe part being under swiss jurisdiction and if you still want to have more exotic shares etc use IB instead of Swissquote. Beside being swiss I do not see any benefit from Swissquote over IB.