USD from Yuh to IB

Hi everyone

I plan to sell my ETF‘s and Stocks at Yuh (~20k USD) and invest them in VT at Interactive Brokers. I already have an IB account with ~20k USD invested, done by transfering CHF to IB and then converted to USD.
I now realized that transferring USD with the swiss IBAN of IB is not possible.


  • Convert the USD to CHF at 0.95% and transfer the CHF for to IB for free
  • Transfer the USD to IB in the USA (Interactive Brokers LLC, One Pickwick Plaza, …) with potentially even higher fees?
  • Any other ideas?

What would be the best way to transfer 20k USD from Yuh to IB?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I doubt you’ll pay more than 20-30 USD. So that’s way better than the other option.

Transfer the shares themselves to IB instead of converting to cash?
How much do they charge per position?

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Just realized, Yuh only accepts SEPA countries for international transactions. Means, I first would need to transfer the USD with swiss IBAN to another account (f.e. Swissquote, Raiffeisen)…

According to their terms that‘s unfortunately not possible, as they only have fractional shares.

Or PostFinance. If you have a ‘smart’ package that costs 5 CHF per month, you can get a IBAN for USD for no additional cost.


Or to a (very trustworthy) friend with a usd account…

I could imagine it’s possible - with Citibank converting at their rate.

Does Yuh support bank transfers to non-IBAN countries? :clown_face:

EDIT: whoops, you beat me to it and found out yourself.

Best or cheapest?

What about Revolut? They provide an IBAN for their USD account.

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Can you send USD from Revolut to IB ?

btw, anyone knows how much would the cost be to send USD from post fiannce to IB?

Thank you!

Haven’t tried yet but 12 CHF is what I See mentioned in this Forum
Transferring USD to IB - #3 by ChickenFat?

Wise is integrated to IBKR, so you could:

  • send the USD to Wise, which is a UK IBAN. you will get charged 4.90 CHF from yuh and 3.52 USD from Wise
  • then select the transfer from Wise option from IBKR (not sure about how much the charges are for a plain USD transfer without FX)

I tried this approach (Yuh → Wise → Interactive Brokers) today so I can give the total fee summary.

  • send USD to Wise’s UK IBAN. Yuh charged 4 CHF (4.44 USD), Wise charges 3.52 USD, the amount arrived at Wise is 25 USD less than what was sent
  • then select the transfer from Wise option from IBKR, Wise charges 0.39 USD for this funding

Sum: 32.91 to fund USD a balance at IBKR from a Yuh USD account, no FX conversion needed.

IBKR Interactive Brokers (

It would be better if Yuh could allow a direct (Swift ?) transfer to IBKR. I requested that feature but I don’t know if this will come.


Probably depends on how much. For bigger amounts (> 10’000) it will probably be around 20-30 CHF in Swift fees.