USD cash to CHF Bank Account

I have sold an apartment and brought cash to CH.
Literally suitcase of cash like in the movies.
Don’t ask why cash. I have documents, and customs declarations.
Now I need to put it to bank account. What are the best ideas for that?

I (family of 4, 40+) plan a mortgage in the mid term future. But before I find a home to “buy” - the cash needs to be put to a bank. and (?) converted into CHF.

What are your thoughts on how to -convert into CHF at most favorable FX rate, -generate some gain?


It seems that the conversion offered by Migros Bank is rather reasonable when converting cash from dollars to Swiss francs. However, since you have cash on hand, expect higher fees for this conversion compared to using a virtual platform like Revolut or Wise. In practice, I will visit three different places to inquire: UBS or your nearest cantonal bank, Migros Bank, and PostFinance.

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Yes, I second Migros Bank.
Deposit the USD’s to a Migros USD account, and then go from there.
Depositing USD to a USD account was free a few years ago, but USD cash withdrawal from a USD account cost 1%.

Also check/compare to “Migros Change”, the smallish specialised currency exchange offices of Migros, for example Change Migros | Migros Genève and Migros Change | Migros Basel.
They publish the rates.
Definitely ask for “special rate” for high amounts.


PostFinance USD to Revolut?

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Seems interesting, but where is that office that will accept 100k+ cash usd? Die Post?

Good question, I have never tried such amounts with the Post Office, but PostFinance also has a few offices in (larger) cities.

A friend of mine with only neon bank account, wanted to wire his proceeds from his motorcycle
sale. 7k or something. Die Post referred to some stupid (I guess non existing) rules of 2 or something k limit. and after some hot negotiations he forces them to accept.